Design Philosophy

Drawing on a knowledge of boat building materials and techniques, to create a slide-on that is strong and robust but keeping the overall weight as light as possible. By using a moulded shape, double bias cloth and PVA foam as the core material, we have achieved a shell that is waterproof, rot proof, UV resistant, a core material that will never disintegrate, regardless of the vibration and to be relatively light. This careful attitude about being weight conscious has led us to using Duralite as the fit out material, which produces a very pleasing but weight efficient fit out.

Basic creature comforts is something that we appreciate, and something that I assume you appreciate as well, hence full queen size mattress with plenty of head height, so that nobody feels claustrophobic. Also a separate toilet/shower compartment, and all this designed to fit on some of the older tray backs that have a slightly shorter wheel base.