10m Powercat Sea Trials

The vessel was taken on a sea trial from Raby Bay, Brisbane up the outside of Fraser Island to Lady Musgrave Island, and after spending the night returned to Raby Bay via Hervey Bay, Sandy Straits and Wide Bay Bar.

The water tanks were full, although the boat had only minimal gear on board. The fuel tanks were near full and were accurately dipped at departure.

Departed Raby Bay late afternoon, made a quick stop in at Mooloolaba to pick up a misplaced phone, and continued non-stop to Lady Musgrave overnight, arriving early the next afternoon. Sea conditions were slight to moderate when we left and we were going into a light northeasterly. Total mileage on the north bound trip was 254.7nm, average speed 12.4 knots. The return trip was quite calm, again having a quick stop off at Mooloolaba to pick up an extra passenger. The return trip distance was 249nm, and an average speed of 13.1 knots. Upon return, the fuel tanks were filled to the previous dipped marks, for a total 560 litres, making the average 1.1 litres per nautical mile! Iím yet to find another equivalent sea capable catamaran, who can honestly claim or have proven by an equivalent trial such efficiency ($$$ savings at the re-fuelling wharf).

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