Robin Chamberlin

Robin Chamberlin has sailed over 150,000 nautical miles. Born in New Zealand, he arrived in Australia in the mid seventies and in the early eighties founded Ostac, a very successful multihull production company, which produced such boats as the Nimbus, Cirrostratus trimarans and the Parallax catamarans. After leaving Ostac he had a break for a couple of years, before designing the 13.5m Nebula catamaran (“Catchcry” and sister-ships), “Excess”, his own 12m X beam and a number of other performance and cruising multihull sailing cats, before designing the 14m power cat “Foreign Affair”, the 10m power cat “Chamberlin 10”, and also a new 12m power cat.

Some Achievements:
  • Designer of the winner of 2010 Solo Trans Tasman Challenge and solo around Australia sailing record.
  • Sailing “Excess” won the 2001,2002,2003,2004 Three Peaks Race in Tasmania.
  • Designed "Slingshot" that won the 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009 Three Peaks Race.
  • In 1999 sailed “Excess” to within 3 nautical miles of Commonwealth Bay in the Antarctic, the most southerly point ever sailed in a catamaran.
  • In 1998 was second in the two handed Trans Tasman Race to New Zealand, and first in the single handed Trans Tasman Race from New Plymouth to Mooloolaba.
  • In total has crossed the Tasman over a dozen times, also having numerous of trips to New Caledonia, New Guinea, Japan and the Pacific.

Robin is a designer that understands how a boat should perform at sea, whether sail or power and not just look pretty tied up to a wharf.